3D Designer of offices3D Designer of offices

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3D Designer of offices On-line

Design your new office on-line free Choose from furniture components brands OFFICE PRO, HOBIS, Exner Get an actual price of your design You can save your project and work with it the next 96 hours. Access will be sent to your e-mail. Sending non-binding demand to our experienced dealers you get a professional project with guaranteed prices, and the possibility of ordering furniture, including transportation and assembly.

Technical requirements for the full use of the 3D designer of offices:

modern web browser

cookies enabled
javascript enabled
minimum screen resolution 1024 × 768 px. Detected resolution:
for spatial 3D view of design the office room your browser needs to support WebGL. More informations…

in case of problems contact us on IT department Office Pro

3D DESIGNER OF OFFICES - video demonstrations

3D Designer of offices On-line
Total demonstration
3D Designer of offices On-line
Creating rooms
3D Designer of offices On-line
Placement of wardrobes
3D Designer of offices On-line
Placement of tables
3D Designer of offices On-line
Placement of chairs and containers
3D Designer of offices On-line
Changing surfaces
3D Designer of offices On-line
Sending demand

How works 3D DESIGNER OF OFFICES on-line?

You select the shape of the room, and specify its dimensions. You insert doors, windows, columns, wall. All building elements will automatically equipped dimensions for the visual check. You will insert individual pieces of furniture that can be moved, rotated, put to themselves, or deleted. Each element inserted to project will immediately appear in the list of price demand. In spatial 3D view of your new project of office, you can the project rotate, tilt it, zoom in to a full detail. You can colorful surfaces of furniture simply change in the entire project at once. Your project will send to an experienced dealer of your choice. This dealer will advise you, possibly your dealer elaborate further variants in the professional 3D software for design interior, that with your project can works further on a higher level. The result is well worked out visualizations of your new office room, you can immediately order.